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This will be my final post.
I will not be on tumblr, twitter, runescape, or skype. Indefinitely. Today some stuff happened irl and to be quite frank I have had my heart shattered in more ways than I ever thought possible.
I realized I’m not a great person. I need to get my temper under control, I need to start helping out financially and I need to -in short- get back to reality.
Until I am able to get a vehicle to find work (and even after as a side project) I will be making new things and adding them to my etsy shop so keep an eye on that.
Unless you order through there or have my phone number, you will not be able to contact me.
I’m really sorry everyone but unless my life does a 180 or I am able to function on my own again I will not be back any time soon, if at all.
Cya round everyone.

Got some baby time in today with this little cutie! Nothing better than baby coos and drool to cheer a girl up

Porn stars and buttery nipples for tonight


are they finally getting rid of those ugly ass shoulder pads?


Thanks elumenate! Ya asshole!!!

Hahahaha glad you liked the letter dillhole

My fiancé is going on an overnight rafting trip for his brothers bachelor party and gonna be camping on the river bank tonight and I may or may not be concerned about them eating enough..

Sandwiches, oatmeal energy bites, double chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal bars made into cupcakes with molasses frosting.





My new Partyhat arrived from Kylie! Also yes I like hoodies.

Thanks again Kylie :)

erkuh replied to your post:nudescape
even if it was read more people on mobile will see it

I know. I check tumblr on mobile every morning and saw all of the posts. My point wasn’t that people need to put them as a read more (although it could potentially help if they were 10000% set on posting them here) it was that it shouldnt have been posted on RS blogs at all. 

Anonymous asked: If you're in the "in crowd" and or if Era does it, it's automatically okay. If it was someone else... well that's a different story- "sexual harassment"

I don’t give a shit if God posted a nude, its not okay. That means even if mary posted it or anyone else who you consider to be in the “in” crowd, it is not okay. If they want to show it to their friends then that’s their choice and they have every right to. But I 100% disagree with it being posted to scapers. This tag is about the game, not about naked players. 


There are other ways to tag your nsfw pictures rather than adding ‘scape’ on the end. All of our bandwagons have had ‘scape’ tossed on the end so we know that its something the runescape tag is taking part in. 

You (almost) all have private blogs. That would probably be a better place to post those kinds of pictures because remember we have younger people on the tag and not everyone’s picture was as a ‘read more’.  

If you didn’t want people to assume it was another bandwagon you should have tagged it as something else or on a separate blog. This tag is a lot like high school. People see a trend, they want to fit in and not be exiled as an outcast so they fall to peer pressure. Even if you don’t make a post telling everyone do it or they’re a loser, people will still want to fit in and do it whether they are comfortable or not. 

People need to stop giving Lee shit also. He’s one of the mature ones on this tag and unlike a lot of you he’s looking out for his peers. 


Please don’t encourage this nudescape tag, it’s totally unnecessary. I’m all for tag bandwagons but this one is a no-no, it doesn’t involve RuneScape and remember pornography is against RuneScape rules (hurhur)!

Dumbest bandwagon yet. What I don’t understand is when someone posts a nude everyone doesn’t even think twice about attacking them and degrading them, but when its a bandwagon suddenly its okay? I love the tag but some of yall are nothing but hypocrites.



Black queen black dragon????

No doubt.

When I’m on mobile I’ll like things based on captions that sound funny and in the morning when I get back on my computer I go through my likes to see if they really were funny.